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I saved the day, sister is now officially coming friday morning even after the situation that just occurred! Saved my dads bday weekend!



A nice run in the am— I say 6am… right after my run i go for a nice swim— I say 1200m swim… then eat then back in the gym at 12 to lift and hot tub right after to relax.. atleast i can be productive tmrrow



Champ is coming back to form

Ran my first sub 8 min mile in about 18 months… last September I was 235 lbs…. in january when i deped into the navy i was 212, now at 208, im in the amazing shape…. my fitness has changed alot in the last year! Now just got to stop getting the girls who just want to hook up and nothing more (because im leaving for the navy), although fun, I’d like a lil more then a lay! 



man man man— I literally spent all my time working out. although that is awesome for my health and i am in the best shape in my life, and with that still got nothing to show for. Im still single, jobless again, stuck at home while everyone i know is leaving… I wait for the NAVY to come “save” me but it always seem to stall out some way some how… I cant get a job doing a something meaningless, been there done that… Im am to smart, or atleast i think i am, to be a cashier or stock boy at some retail company, once again been there done that… I got no passion anymore and the things i do have passion for are all on hold cause my ass cant suck it up and work at Mcdonalds or where ever they hire useless idiots… Sad thing is it might be a possibility that i am just a useless idiot cause from what i shown in my life, I cant really defend otherwise….  stopped going to highschool at 14 cause i thought i was too smart, see how well that worked out for me…. quit every job cause I felt i was to good for, still broke so whos to good for who… Single, dont want to even get on that subject… and but atleast i can say im in awesome shape! Whoopie!… I found something i really like doing and that is helping people but the thing is how can I help people if I cant help myself… It feels awesome when you help a kid save his navy career or a women to meet her fitness goals or the loook on my moms face when I make there anniversary dinner (which was awesome) but when all said is done I feel awesome but my life is in shambles and reality hits, im still a screw when it comes to helping myself….  Im 22 years old without literally a dime in my name, nor a college diploma, training degree, or even now a contract into the NAVY cause o wait I was slacking on test day and lost my special warfare contract… So from now and until I get my new contract, which Im not taking any job out of intelligence which could hold the whole being a NAVY sailor thing until next year! AWESOME! Well on that note time for a 5 mile run cause you know I still got my health if anything right



I cant fit all this on facebook and i got to get it all out of my head so here it goes… I lost my special forces contract because i failed my PST which sucks but honestly I think I just gave it up… i know i could have destroyed the test… i train so hard and in amazing shape but the thought of not being able to settle down to around thirty+ really got to my head… no matter how bad ass i think i am, im just a helpless romantic looking for that movie ending… but dont take it for weakness instead take it as knowing what i want because i can still handle my own but what’s success without no one to share it with…



Anonymous said: Dude... you sure you ain't gay? Because you seem like a faggot haha.

Obviously gay, what gave it away



Did all my applications for the jobs that were hiring! So crossing my fingers to get a job asap.. I need my GYM!!!



It is 3am and I am wide awake with nothing productive being done. Although I did look in the mirror and saw a beard growing in that would even make Grizzely Adams proud. And the ladies are taken a liken to the new beard. While driving to the recruiting office of the United States NAVY, I pulled up next to a girl. The aforementioned girl then looks over, as they always do, and with a glance of my manly beard a smiled appeared on her young face. then right as the girl was in mid grin, she waved. First you should never take your hand off the wheel while your driving, understandable tho because I am a sexy bitch, but thats not the point. Point is this girl risked her life just to wave and smile at me. A complete stranger I was to her and she still risked her own well being and her passengers just to get my attention. So what I did, because I dont condone unsafe driving, I sped off like a speeding bullet coming out of the mussle of a gun so she couldn’t risk her life anymore by looking over at the sexyness called my face.



Think I figured out why it could have been a blessing to what happened to my ankle. Its giving me more time to appreciate home. Time to appreciate the little things, like my family, friends, and ofcourse my dog. It is giving extra time to build closer bonds to those close to me and fill that memory bank. Sometimes (most of the time) I dont show it but do appreciate the littles things my family does for me and im lying when I say I am not going to miss them. So I got roughly 5-8 more weeks home and gonna take full advantage of the extra time given. And when I leave I am going to do all I can do to make you proud because I know I have dissapointed more then I have impressed.

Life… So short, but so sweet. So mysterious but so joyfull. The magic that happens daily as one breathes in the wonderous molecule oxygen; which in return gives the beautfulness we call life. You die once but you cherish every other day as what seems to be true, you do die once… but you live forever. You live through memory. You live through the funny stories and sometimes the sad, but still never forgotten. Still living in those hearts that were blessed to retain those memories, those stories. I know I said magic already but it is the perfect word to describe the miracles and the triumphs of life. How can it be explained when a mother lifts a car to save their baby, or the ability to care and love for someone with such passion that you will die to preserve there life? One word… Magic. Its not just a trick up someones sleeve or a vanishing act but much-much more. The word was created to explain the unexplainable so people felt more comfortable but what in life in explainable. So from the first kiss of your true love or the miracle of birth, or to the death of a love one, everything in fact is magic.